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Interested in specific topics? Topic guides combine resources from the  Archives, as well as museum and audiovisual collections, the archived White House Website, and more to help students, researchers, educators, and others focus on materials for their areas of interest. Each topic page includes an Archival Research Guide. Topics include the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, Presidential Briefing Papers, Presidential Daily Diary, First Lady's Foreign Trips, Hurricane Katrina, and more. Check back for new topic guides as more materials are processed and digitized.

President George W. Bush Signs a Proclamation Designating February as American Heart Month in the Oval Office on February 1, 2005.
President George W. Bush signs a Proclamation designating February as American Heart Month in the Oval Office on February 1, 2005.
Steel from the World Trade Center on display at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists hijacked four airplanes perpetrating a series of attacks that killed 2,977 people.

President George W. Bush Reviews a Document in the Oval Office on September 13, 2001.

President George W. Bush used the Presidential Briefing Papers as a guide for his working day.

President Bush reviews his schedule on September 13, 2001

The President’s Daily Diary (PDD) is the official day-by-day record of every moment of George W. Bush’s eight years as President.

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