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Finding Aid

2014-0073-F: Communications between President George W. Bush and Barack Obama or their Representatives, 2001-2009

Scope and Content

FOIA 2014-0073-F contains materials related to communications between President George W. Bush and Barack Obama, or their representatives, during the administration of George W. Bush.

This FOIA primarily contains letters from members of Congress (including then-Senator Barack Obama) to George W. Bush and responses to those letters.  Also included are cover memoranda for the aforementioned letters, as well as White House tracking documents.  Additional material includes a copy of the Business Plan for the National Advanced Technology Initiative for Cancer Institute, a Meeting Report from a National Cancer Institute Roundtable, the 2003 Annual Report of the United States Military Academy Board of Visitors, and the 13th Annual Russian HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) Contract Report.


104 folders, approximately 2,805 pages / 1,012 assets


Official records of George W. Bush’s presidency are housed at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and administered by the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of the Presidential Records Act.

Folders and Documents

Records Management, White House Office of

Subject Files Subject Files - CM003 (Food & Kindred Products) Subject Files - CM010 (Fossil Fuels) Subject Files - CM014 (Tobacco) Subject Files - CO001-07 (Middle East) Subject Files - CO097 (Republic of Liberia) Subject Files - CO159 (Republic of Sudan) Subject Files - CO190 (Tibet) Subject Files - DI002 (Natural Disasters) Subject Files - FA (Federal Aid) Subject Files - FG006-03A (Chief of Staff, Office Files) Subject Files - FG006-07 (Policy Development) Subject Files - FG011 (Department of State) Subject Files - FG019 (Department of Agriculture) Subject Files - FG020-01 (Bureau of Census) Subject Files - FG022-02 (National Cancer Institute) Subject Files - FG022-03 (Food & Drug Administration/National Institutes of Health/Surgeon General of the USA) Subject Files - FG025 (Department of Energy) Subject Files - FG027 (Department of Veterans Affairs) Subject Files - FG030 (Legislative Branch) Subject Files - FG065 (Independent Agencies, Boards & Commissions) Subject Files - FG104 (Committee for Purchase from the Blind or Severely Disabled) Subject Files - FG123 (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) Subject Files - FG131 (Federal Election Commission) Subject Files - FI004 (Appropriations) Subject Files - FO002 (Diplomatic Affairs - Consular Relations) Subject Files - FO004-03 (International Investments) Subject Files - FO006 (International Conferences) Subject Files - FO008 (International Travel) Subject Files - HE001 (Diseases - Disabilities) Subject Files - HE002 (Doctors - Dentists - Nurses) Subject Files - IT138 (World Trade Organization (WTO)) Subject Files - JL003 (Crime) Subject Files - JL006-01 (Secret Service Protection) Subject Files - LA006 (Employee Earnings) Subject Files - MA026 (Freedom Awards) Subject Files - ME003 (Messages - Denied) Subject Files - ND007-07 (Separations, Discharges, and Retirements) Subject Files - ND010 (Reserve Forces and National Guard) Subject Files - ND016 (Wars - Conflicts) Subject Files - PO (Postal Service) Subject Files - SP230-06 (Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress, State of the Union, 2006) Subject Files - TA (Trade) Subject Files - TA004-08 (Metal Products Trade) Subject Files - TA004-10 (Petroleum (Gas - Oil) Trade) Subject Files - UT (Utilities) Subject Files - VA (Veterans) Subject Files - WE007 (Social Security)

Staff Member Office Files

Counsel's Office, White House - Fielding, Fred - General Files Counsel's Office, White House - Flood, Emmet Counsel's Office, White House - Smith, Barbara Domestic Policy Council - Zinsmeister, W. Karl - Subject Files Staff Secretary, White House Office of the - Yanes, Raul