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In addition to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, records may be released via a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR). MDRs are authorized under Executive Order 13526, which allows the public to request a classification review of a withdrawn, classified document. The document must be classified in order to qualify for MDR; otherwise, the request must be made under FOIA. The request must be specific in scope (preferably individual documents) so that they can be readily located. If classified documents from a particular subject are desired, that request should first be made under FOIA.

The following MDRs are open and available to view online. To learn more about all open Presidential records currently available for research, please view the Finding Aids.

Mandatory Declassification Review Requests 



*See FOIA Request 2014-0155-F

**See FOIA Request 2014-0226-F

How to Make a Mandatory Declassification Review Request

Download and Complete Presidential Libraries Mandatory Review Request - NA Form 14020.

Complete Sections I, II, and III by copying the information from the Withdrawal/Redaction Sheet into Sections II and III.

Download and Complete the Mandatory Declassification Review Address Form.

Send the completed NA Form 14020 and MDR Address Form to (include Mandatory Declassification Review in the subject line) or mail it to the George W. Bush Presidential Library:

Mandatory Declassification Review Archivist
George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum
2943 SMU Blvd, Dallas, TX 75205

Additional Details About Mandatory Declassification Review

  • The Presidential Libraries Mandatory Declassification Review Request form (NA Form 14020) should be used when submitting a request for a Mandatory Declassification Review in accordance with Section 3.5 of Executive Order 13526.
  • The requestor should fill out section I to provide contact information.
  • Sections II and III should be completed by the requestor using the information provided on the Withdrawal/Redaction Sheet. The documents identified on the request form should be from one folder only.
  • If all documents requested from a single folder cannot be listed on a single form, use additional forms as necessary.
  • If you are requesting documents from more than one folder, use a separate request form for each folder, even if the folders are from the same box. The George W. Bush Presidential Library may, at its discretion, divide requests and assign separate case numbers in order to facilitate handling by the reviewing agencies.
  • Documents that have been reviewed by an agency with declassification authority and exempted from declassification may not be resubmitted for declassification review until two years from the date of an agency’s final determination. The two year rule applies regardless of whether the agency reviewed the document as a mandatory declassification review in accordance with Section 3.5 of Executive Order 13526 or as a systematic declassification review in accordance with Section 3.4 of the Order.


George W. Bush Presidential Library 
2943 SMU Blvd, Dallas, TX 75205
Phone: 214-346-1557
Fax: 214-346-1558