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Records Management, White House Office of (ORM) - Subject Files - RE (Recreation)

Scope and Content

Material is arranged by alphanumeric subcode and thereunder by case file number. This series is divided into the following subseries based on subcode:

RE (Recreation \ Sports) This subcode contains correspondence and requests of the President, including those asking for support of bills or initiatives, with correspondence particularly related to gambling on sporting events. It also includes remarks at White House events congratulating championship teams and letters of support for the Pan American Games to be held in San Antonio and the bid of New York City to host the Olympics. In addition, there are memorandum, drafts, messages, congratulatory letters, summaries, reports, and documents relating to tee-ball at the White House. 

RE001 (Baseball \ Softball) This subcode includes remarks at Tee Ball on the South Lawn events as well as thank you letters to participants and requests of the President for teams to play in teeball games. There are also items relating to the MLB, including correspondence and invitations from staff, coaches, and players such as invitations to the Opening Day of baseball. Remarks at White House events honoring World Series Champions are also included. In addition, there are requests for autographs of baseballs as well as  memorabilia, reports, and letters of congratulation, thanks, and concern.

RE002 (Basketball) This subcode consists of remarks and draft remarks at White House events honoring NCAA, WNBA, and NBA champions. It also includes congratulatory letters and requests to invite teams to the White House.

RE004 (Boat Racing \ Marine) This subcode includes two case files concerning the National Boating Federation and a request of the President to issue an executive order.

RE009 (Egg Roll on White House Lawn) This subcode contains mainly thank you letters to all involved with the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, including volunteers, readers, entertainers, and sponsors.

RE010 (Football) This subcode contains remarks to Super Bowl and NCAA championship teams at White House events honoring their achievement, as well as requests to invite teams to the White House, congratulatory letters, correspondence with NFL coaches, staff, and players, and information concerning signed memorabilia given by the President.

RE011 (Golf) This subcode mainly consists of correspondence relating to golf games played with the President as well as other golf related correspondence.

RE013 (Hockey) This subcode includes remarks and draft remarks for White House events honoring NCAA and Stanley Cup champions and requests to invite teams to the White House.

RE014 (Hunting \ Fishing) This subcode includes memorandum and correspondence on the topics of hunting and fishing, including correspondence requesting action by the President.

RE015 (Olympics) This subcode includes speeches given to the US Olympic and Paralympic teams, congratulatory letters to Olympic participants, thank you letters to those who helped organize the Salt Lake winter games, schedules for President Bush's trip to the Beijing games, paperwork regarding American participation in the Olympic truce, and other documents regarding both the Olympic and Paralympic games.

RE016 (Racing, Auto \ Plane) This subcode includes remarks to NASCAR Winston Cup Drivers and other documents regarding auto racing.

RE017 (Bicycle Racing \ Horse Shows) This subcode includes documents regarding cycling with the President, as well as memoranda, notes, and correspondence regarding mountain biking.

RE018 (Archery \ Pistol - Rifle Matches) This subcode includes presidential congratulatory letters to the winners of the annual national pistol and rifle matches.

RE021 (Tennis \ Volleyball) This subcode includes remarks to NCAA Champions.

RE022 (Track & Field Meets) This subcode includes a single case file/letter on the topic of Track & Field.

RE023 (Jogging \ Walking) This subcode includes documents on the President’s physical fitness challenge, as well as requests to jog with the President, and correspondence with those who have jogged with the President. 


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Official records of George W. Bush's presidency are housed at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and administered by the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of the Presidential Records Act.

Folders and Documents

Box 1

Subject Files - RE (Recreation \ Sports) 

Box 2

Subject Files - RE (Recreation \ Sports) 
Subject Files - RE001 (Baseball \ Softball)

Box 3

Subject Files - RE001 (Baseball \ Softball) 
Subject Files - RE002 (Basketball)

Box 4

Subject Files - RE004 (Boat Racing \ Marine)
Subject Files - RE009 (Egg Roll on White House Lawn)

Box 5

Subject Files - RE009 (Egg Roll on White House Lawn) 

Box 6

Subject Files - RE009 (Egg Roll on White House Lawn) 

Box 7

Subject Files - RE010 (Football) 
Subject Files - RE011 (Golf)
Subject Files - RE013 (Hockey)

Box 8

Subject Files - RE014 (Hunting \ Fishing) 
Subject Files - RE015 (Olympics)

Box 9

Subject Files - RE015 (Olympics)

Box 10

Subject Files - RE015 (Olympics) 

Box 11

Subject Files - RE015 (Olympics) 

Box 12

Subject Files - RE015 (Olympics) 

Box 13

Subject Files - RE015 (Olympics) 
Subject Files - RE016 (Racing, Auto \ Plane)
Subject Files - RE017 (Bicycle Racing \ Horse Shows)
Subject Files - RE018 (Archery \ Pistol - Rifle Matches)
Subject Files - RE021 (Tennis \ Volleyball)
Subject Files - RE022 (Track & Field Meets)
Subject Files - RE023 (Jogging \ Walking)