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Finding Aid

Records Management, White House Office of (ORM) - Subject Files - HU (Human Rights)

Scope and Content

This series consists of materials pertaining to human and civil rights, ethnic minority groups, voting rights, and ideologies, including communications from the public expressing views or complaints about such matters. Materials are divided into subseries based on their subject matter and arranged by alphanumeric subcode and thereunder by case file number. This series is divided into the following subseries based on subcode:

  • HU (Human rights)
  • HU010 (Civil Rights)
  • HU011 (Equal Education)
  • HU012 (Equal Employment)
  • HU013-10 (Arab-American Groups)
  • HU013-20 (Asian-American Groups)
  • HU013-21 (Chinese-American Groups)
  • HU013-30 (African-American Groups)
  • HU013-33 (Jewish Womens' Groups)
  • HU013-50 (Eastern European Groups)
  • HU013-53 (Polish-American Groups)
  • HU013-54 (Russian-American Groups)
  • HU013-60 (Jewish-American Groups)
  • HU013-70 (Hispanic and Latino Groups)
  • HU013-71(Mexican-American Groups)
  • HU013-80 (Puerto Rican-American Groups)
  • HU013-93 (Greek-American Groups)
  • HU013-94 (Italian-American Groups)
  • HU015 (Voting Rights)
  • HU016 (Womens' Groups)
  • HU020 (Civil Liberties)
  • HU021 (Civil Disturbances)
  • HU030 (Genocide)
  • HU040 (Democracy) 

HU (Human Rights) is comprised of correspondence, memoranda, reports, fact sheets, and drafts. Materials relate to human and civil rights in the United States, alleged human rights violations in foreign countries, and humanitarian aid provided by the United States to foreign countries. A small portion of the materials relate to the drafting and issuing of a presidential statement in honor of the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

HU010 (Civil Rights) is comprised of memoranda, correspondence, reports, speeches, and executive orders. Materials relate to administration policy concerning civil rights and the prohibition of racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, and age discrimination. Additional materials address the issue of racial profiling and the 40th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

HU011 (Equal Education) is comprised of correspondence, memoranda, remarks, and reports. Materials address affirmative action, reverse discrimination, and the use of quotas in university admissions standards. The materials include correspondence and remarks about the Supreme Court case (Grutter v. Bollinger) reviewing the University of Michigan admissions policies.

HU012 (Equal Employment) is comprised of correspondence, memoranda, articles, drafts, and meeting notes. Materials relate to administration policy concerning equal employment and the prohibition of racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, and age discrimination in hiring and employer disciplinary practices. This category includes additional materials regarding the Supreme Court case Grutter v. Bollinger.

Subject categories beginning with the HU013 code each relate to one specific American ethnic group. (NOTE: No material is assigned directly to the HU013 subject code; all material is assigned to the code for the corresponding ethnic group.) Materials in each category generally address the planning of Administration events with various minority groups and organizations, the drafting of Administration talking points on minority issues, Administration review of issues of concern to minorities, reports on minorities and business sent to the White House by outside organizations, copies of articles on minority rights issues, and letters advocating additional Government appointments or awards for minority groups.

HU015 (Voting Rights) is comprised of correspondence and fact sheets. Topics include election reform, voter intimidation, and the Voting Rights Act Reauthorization of 2006.

HU016 (Womens' Groups) is comprised of memoranda, correspondence, fact sheets, and remarks. Topics include International Women’s Week, women’s health issues, women’s rights, and the celebration of Women’s History Month.

HU020 (Civil Liberties) is comprised of reports, correspondence, fact sheets, directives, and notices. A significant portion of the materials relates to the New Freedom Initiative. Other materials address the formation and meeting of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB).

HU030 (Genocide) is comprised of correspondence, fact sheets, and petitions. Materials address the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, and genocide in Darfur.

HU040 (Democracy) is comprised of reports, remarks, correspondence. Materials address the global support and expansion of democracy, including reports on the National Endowment for Democracy.


4 linear feet, 10 linear inches


Official records of George W. Bush’s presidency are housed at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and administered by the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of the Presidential Records Act.

Folders and Documents

Box 1

Subject Files - HU (Human Rights) 

Box 2

Subject Files - HU010 (Civil Rights) 

Box 3

Subject Files - HU010 (Civil Rights) 

Box 4

Subject Files - HU010 (Civil Rights)
Subject Files - HU011 (Equal Education)
Subject Files - HU012 (Equal Employment)
Subject Files - HU013-10 (Arab-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-20 (Asian-American Groups)

Box 5

Subject Files - HU013-20 (Asian-American Groups) 
Subject Files - HU013-21 (Chinese American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-30 (African-American Groups)

Box 6

Subject Files - HU013-30 (African-American Groups) 

Box 7

Subject Files - HU013-33 (Jewish Womens' Groups) 
Subject Files - HU013-50 (Eastern European American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-53 (Polish-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-54 (Russian-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-60 (Jewish-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-70 (Hispanic and Latino Groups)

Box 8

Subject Files - HU013-70 (Hispanic and Latino Groups) 

Box 9

Subject Files - HU013-70 (Hispanic and Latino Groups) 
Subject Files - HU013-71 (Mexican-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-80 (Puerto Rican-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-93 (Greek-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU013-94 (Italian-American Groups)
Subject Files - HU015 (Voting Rights)

Box 10

Subject Files - HU016 (Womens' Groups)  
Subject Files - HU020 (Civil Liberties)

Box 11

Subject Files - HU020 (Civil Liberties) 
Subject Files - HU021 (Civil Disturbances)
Subject Files - HU030 (Genocide)
Subject Files - HU040 (Democracy)